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Team 12 Snack Stand Assignments
by posted 04/14/2023

Hello Team 12 Families,
Cheltenham Little League is built upon volunteers.  Our snack stand is a major source of income for the league, and profits go toward field maintenance and complex upkeep.  When you registered for CLL, you agreed to volunteer for at least 3 shifts, and snack stand is one of those duties.  Each team at the complex needs to have at least 1 family helping in the snack stand during TBall practices and games.  
In the past, we have attempted to use a Signup Genius for duties, and parents did not signup, leaving holes in the schedule.  Thus, I am assigning snack stand duties for our practices and games as follows:
Date Time Snack Stand Duty Family
Sat, Apr 15 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Adams
Sat, Apr 22 09:45 AM - 11:00 AM Bieryla
Sat, Apr 29 09:45 AM - 11:00 AM Ferguson
Sat, May 6 09:45 AM - 11:00 AM Gaither
Sat, May 13 09:45 AM - 11:00 AM Gogas-Grevenitis
Sat, May 20 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM Parker
Sat, Jun 3 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM Raman
Sat, Jun 10 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM Skinner


If a team does not have a snack stand volunteer at game/practice time, the start time will be delayed. We need families to take ownership of this duty. If you cannot get to the stand on your scheduled day, please work it out with other team parents.

If this is your first season in CLL (like me!) don't worry, there will be plenty of experienced parents to show you the drill.

See you all tomorrow at Opening Day!


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CLL TBall Team 12 - Opening Day!
by posted 04/13/2023

Hi Team 12 Parents and Guardians,

Opening Day for Cheltenham Little League is this Saturday, April 15 at 9AM at the Woodland Complex. Please arrive by 840AM with players in full uniform (hat, shirt, pants, belt) with shirts tucked in. If you didn't get your uniform at practice last weekend, we will have them to distribute on Saturday. There are bathrooms where the kids can get changed.

The players will walk from Field 3 to Field 2 to begin the ceremonies. After the ceremonies, we will practice on Field 1 with the other Tball teams from 11AM-12PM.

The other coaches and I would love to have your help during practice! If you are interested in helping on the field, you must register as a coach at the CLL site and have the necessary clearances. The clearance process is easy and you will get clear instrutions after registering as a coach. If you have any questions about the process, please email me and our volunteer clearance coordinator Ari Summers (arisummers@msn.com). Thanks in advance for your help.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


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Welcome to CLL TBall Team 12!
by posted 04/04/2023

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Cheltenham Little League TBall team 12! I will be your team's manager this season. This is my first season with CLL, but I have coached my older son's baseball teams in previous years. I'm looking forward to everyone having a fun season learning the sport as a team. For the first month we will be focusing on Quickball stations. It's fast-paced and will keep the kids active and involved for the whole session. For Quickball we use a soft ball and hard plastic bat, so the kids don't need bats, and gloves are optional for April. Cleats are highly recommended though.

The first practice is Spring Training this Saturday, April 8 from 9-1030AM at Woodland Complex Field 2, 650 Woodland Ave, Cheltenham, PA 19012. I will be out of town for the holiday weekend, but this pratice is combined with the other teams and other coaches will run the show. The remaining practices/games will all be Saturday mornings at Woodland Field 1 or 2. The full schedule is available at cllfun.com.

For practices and games, players should bring:

  • Cleats
  • Hat (Team uniforms including hats will be distributed before April 15)
  • Batting Helmet (We do have some team helemts)
  • Baseball Glove (Optional for Quickball, but will be needed when games start in May)
  • Water

Please feel free to email me at sam.pfaff@gmail.com or text/call me at 415-902-1318 with any questions. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!




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Samuel Pfaff 
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