Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Partnership


Since 2006, Little League® has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide

a framework and tools for  local Little League volunteers to develop a culture of positive,

character-building competition. Recently, Little League extended this partnership to include relevant information for the Little League Coach and the Little League Parent, with the addition of two FREE quick-courses. These quick-courses provide a framework to develop a positive coach-parent partnership and to be a powerful sports parent from the stands. Shortly after, Cheltenham Little League also began their association with (PCA)

The following information provides you a framework. You will learn the basics building a positive, character-developing culture. What do we mean by “culture”? Most simply, “culture”

is the way “WE do things HERE.” For example, in one Little League, the “way we do things here”

ensures that all players shake hands with all umpires after games. In another Little League,

“the way we do things here” mandates that all players cheer the opposing team in a post-game chant.


Little League Double-Goal Coach®: Little League Double-Goal Coaches have two goals, winning,

and more importantly, teaching life lessons through baseball and softball. Double-Goal Coach takes

its name from a book by PCA Founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson and is the inspiration for

the online Little League Double-Goal Coach Course. 


Take the quick PCA Coaches' Course