Complex Work Days / Winter Shutdown

Saturday, November 12th, 9:00 am

Sunday, November 13th, 9:00 am

Here are some of the items that we need to work on.  Any time your family can give would be greatly appreciated.


1. Clean clubhouse and field 5 bathrooms

2. Clean snack stand

3. Clean clubhouse

4. Clean all trash cans around complex and store in containers

5. Fix field 1 fence, clean dugouts and drag field

6. Move all benches near field 1, but not on infield

7. Clean out dugouts on field 2 and drag field

8. Clean out tunnel behind field 2

9. Clean out dugouts on field 3 and drag field

10. Clean out container between field 3 and 4

11. Clean out dugouts on field 4 and drag field

12. Clean out dugouts on field 5 and drag field

13. Clean out both rooms downstairs at field 5 clubhouse

14. Cut down branches around all fields where reachable

15. Use weed wacker where needed, especially field 5 and batting cages.

16. Clean out Garage

17. Take down and store all banners and dugout screens.

18. Shut off water to clubhouse and field 5

19. Clean out all containers

20. Drain the water lines.

21. We need to get a bottle of gas stabilizer for the equipment or run the equipment out of gas. 

22. Install plywood to cover the serving windows on the snack stand. 

23. Try to collect and keep the leaves off of the fields. Easier said then done.

Bring:  work gloves, rakes, clippers, shovels, bush clippers, brooms